AI Series


Introducing the new DigitalFUTURES course of free AI tutorials. Several of the top AI designers in the world are coming together to offer the world’s first free, comprehensive course in AI for designers. This course starts off at an introductory level and gets progressively more advanced. 

AI SERIES 01 | Talk : Introduction to AI

What is AI? What are MidJourney, DALLE, Stable Diffusion etc? What is GPT3? What is ChatGPT? And how are they revolutionizing design?

Neil Leach @neilleach14

Shael Patel

Reem Mosleh @reemmosleh

Clay Odom @studiomodo

AI SERIES 01 | Tutorial 01: MidJourney and Stable Diffusion (Introduction)

Joshua Vermillion @joshuavermillion

This session will cover basic prompt writing and settings in MidJourney for the production of images of architectural form and space.

Sara Faraon @sarafaraon95

This tutorial aims to introduce students to the basic prompt engineering methods using Stable Diffusion/Dream Studio, Text-Image generator, and Text-Animation from Colab to produce architectural outcomes.

AI SERIES 01 | Tutorial 02: DALLE and Prompt Engineering (Introduction)

Introductory Tutorial with DALLE

Angelica Ponzio @ponzioapp

This session will cover basic prompt writing and settings in DALLE for the production of images of architectural form and space

Samer el Sayary @samer_elsayary

AI SERIES 01 | Tutorial 03: Stable Diffusion, ControlNet and Design Workflows

Angelica Ponzio @ponzioapp

New Dalle2 AI image

Carlos Bannon @carlosbannon

Spatial Design Workflows with AI

Urszula Zwierzynska @ou.zzi

AI-Driven Design Process

AI SERIES 01 | Tutorial 04 : ChatGPT/Grasshopper; Stable Diffusion; Photogammetry (Advanced tutorial)

Arturo Tedeschi @arturotedeschi

Bridging ChatGPT and Grasshopper

Angelica Ponzio @ponzioapp

New AI Image Genereratation Neural Network

Bruno Vianna @ianvonbraun

Staying in Character

Wei Wu , @awuwei_

How to Scan (Almost) Anything? Introduction to Architectural Photogrammetry Workflow

AI SERIES 01 | TUTORIAL 05: AI architectural toolkits – 2D to 3D Techniques (Advanced Tutorial)

Daniel Escobar @daniel.esco1

George Guida @george.guidadesign

Mayur Mistri @mayur.mystery

Barbara Villanova @babi_vill

AI SERIES 01 | An Introduction to AI for Designers ‘Pecha Kucha’

Natalia Nome @natalianome

Barbara Regazzi @bibiuff.2nd

Sara Faraon @sarafaraon95

Sara Codarin @saracodarin

Alya Rahmoun @alyarahmoun

Joshua Vermillion @joshuavermillion

Carlos Bannon @carlosbannon

OLA – Daniel Escobar + Giovanna Pillaca @ola.research

Rolando Cedeño

MidJourney arch @MidJourney.architect

Shail Patel

AI SERIES 01 | AI and the Future of Design Roundtable Discussion

Refik Anadol (Refik Anadol Studio) @refikanadol

Daniel Bolojan (Coop Himmelb(l)au) @nonstandardstudio

Wanyu He (Xkool) ,

Ross Lovegrove (Ross Lovegrove) , @rosslovegroveofficial

Michel Rojkind (Rojkind Arquitectos) @rojkind

Patrik Schumacher (ZHA) @schumacher.patrik


Neil Leach @neilleach14

How AI Generates Images

Joshua Vermillion @joshuavermillion

Introduction to MidJourney

Sara Faraon @sarafaraon95

Introduction to Stable Diffusion

AI SERIES 02 | Art and Design Presentations

Ila Colombo,

Leon Kreeh, @leonkreeh

Barbara Regazzi, @bibiuffstudio @bibiuff.2nd

Maritza Rubio, @ai.fashionlab

Lev Manovich, @Levmanovich

Sara Codarin, @saracodarin

Hera Kim, @tinkertailorart

AI SERIES 02 | Tutorial 02: Controlling AI

Carlos Bannon @carlosbannon

Tim Fu @ti.fu

Wanyu He @lookx_ai

Angelica Ponzio @ponzioapp

AI SERIES 02 | Tutorial 03: Advanced AI

George Guida @george.guidadesign

Daniel Escobar @daniel.esco1 @diffusion_architecture

Angelica Ponzio @ponzioapp

AI SERIES 02 | Creative AI – Discussion Panel

Patrik Schumacher – ZHA @schumacher.patrik

Arturo Tedeschi @arturotedeschi

Chantal Matar @chantal.matar

Daniel Bolojan @nonstandardstudio

Wanyu He @lookx_ai

Michel Rojkind @rojkind

Refik Anadol @refikanadol