DigitalFUTURES :  Democratizing Education

DigitalFUTURES is an independent online platform for architectural education, staffed and run by volunteers. We aim to make important educational ideas available for free to architects and students across the planet, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, or economic standing. Education, we believe, should be a human right and not the privilege of the wealthy.

DigitalFUTURES operates throughout the year, offering talks and tutorials in several languages. Although our primary focus is architecture – and in particular advanced architectural technologies – we also address social equality, environmental concerns, and other important issues. Recordings of all sessions are uploaded to YouTube, to form a permanent repository of educational materials, available for free to all.

3DRP Series: Robotic 3D Printing in Architecture

Embark on a transformative journey in our 4-part series, unveiling the synergy of materials, methods, and techniques accelerated by 3D printing. Explore construction time, scale dynamics, and groundbreaking technology through the lens of architects and designers who are at the forefront and part of this digital revolution.

AI Series: An Introduction to AI for Designers

Introducing the DigitalFUTURES course of free AI tutorials. Several of the top AI designers in the world are coming together to offer the world’s first free, comprehensive course in AI for designers. This course starts off at an introductory level and gets progressively more advanced.

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