Additive manufacturing (AM) Earth shell structures

-computational design,-fabrication,-material research,-robotic fabrication | - online workshop | -English


Required Skills: computational design

Required Software: rhino - grasshopper

Required Hardware: i7
Maximum number of participating students: 100

Free forms in architecture by using robots, and digital manufacturing processes gives prospect promises that’s increase Additive manufacturing (AM) interest . The fabrication with sustainable materials as Earth-based composites started with new construction systems taking advantage of computational simulations and digital fabrication. Earth has been widely used as a traditional material.Shell provides an excellent structural system for minimizing construction materials, but are often prohibitively expensive due to the required formwork and labor. Earthen 3D printing technology has rapidly advanced over the last decade resulting in functional multi-story printed structures. Scaling 3D printed spanning structures to full size has been limited by the complexities of toolpath design and the lack of robust structural simulation strategies to quantify and validate non-planar printing whereas This workshop will explain explicitly different computational methodologies of designing the toolpath reviewing the material properties of earth composites.

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timezone: (GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca
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2022-07-01 - 15:002022-07-02 - 15:00


Mohamad Fouad Hanifa Mohamad Fouad Hanifa is a PhD Candidate at the school of Architecture of the university of Minho (EAUM) at Portugal. Holds a Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA01) (2019) by Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) at Barcelona with the thesis “Clayphen” Towards sustainable wall system can replace existing heating systems by developing clay and graphene composites. (OTF) Postgraduate diploma in open thesis fabrication (2020) at Barcelona with dissertation projects Cantilevers in Earth Architecture ,and Infrastructure for 3D printing Architecture. Research assistant of “Lab2PT” The ‘Laboratório de Paisagens, Património e Território’(2020) ,and Junior Researcher of the Advanced Ceramics R&D Lab (2020-present).

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