Architectural Intelligence

-artificial intelligence,-advanced computation,-computational design,- data visualization | - online workshop | -Arabic/English


Required Skills: Grasshopper: mediocre, Rhino3D: beginner, UE4:beginner , C#: mediocre

Required Software: Rhinoceros 7, UE5

Required Hardware: PC
Maximum number of participating students: 100

Info: Learn the Basics of Machine Learning with different types of learning (Unsupervised/Supervised), how to create a dataset and label them, how to train different types of neural networks, classify Objects/Models and how to monitor ANN behaviors using Augmented Reality (AR). Also, Learn the Basics of Fractal Design and Fractal Learning. OUTCOMES:

  • Classify random datasets and cluster them based on specific values.
  • Generate initial plans from random layouts.
  • Basics of GAN and how to implement it for initial rendering.
  • Generate Fractal forms and render them in real-time.


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timezone: (GMT +3:00) Baghdad, Riyadh, Moscow, St. Petersburg
Start timeEnd timeDescription
2022-06-27 - 18:002022-06-27 - 20:30Inroduction to Machine Learning --- LinearLogistic Regression
2022-06-29 - 18:002022-06-29 - 20:30Introduction to Deep Learning --- Creating a dataset for Supervised Learning.
2022-07-01 - 18:002022-07-01 - 20:30Introduction to GAN --- Training ANN for UnsupervisedSupervised Learning
2022-07-03 - 18:002022-07-03 - 20:30Fractal Design --- Creating Mandelbulb in RH7/UE5


Samer Rahmeh Co-Founder of Cali Technology Solutions (Jordan) Chief Technology Officer of SAVIR Virtual Learning & Robotics (Saudi Arabia) ML Engineer/Deep Learning architecture specialist. CODE Architect [Architectural Programmer] from Philadelphia University.

All workshops will accept 100 applications MAX.