Conglomerate Tectonics – 복합 구조론

-computational design,-fabrication,-robotic fabrication | - online workshop | -Korean


Required Skills: Intermediate in Rhino 7, Beginner in Grasshopper

Required Software: Rhino, Houdini and Z brush

Required Hardware: Windows PC and Laptop
Maximum number of participating students: 100

(English) The Conglomerate Tectonics workshop will introduce participants to inheritance and emergence in the formation through iterative design processes. It will be focusing on the bottom-up and non-linear cyclical procedures toward the generations of 3 scales, a taxonomy of objects, an architectural chunk and a fabrication chunk. This formation will reveal indexicality through the grotto and strange traits.  ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-(한국어) ‘Conglomerate Tectonics’ 워크샵에서는 참가자들에게 반복적인 설계과정을 통한 형태 형성으로 inheritance와 emergence의 방법론과 특징을 소개할 예정이다. 상향적이고 비선형적인 순환절차를 통하여 3가지의 객채 분류법(사물, 건축의 일부, 제작 다이어그램)에 집중한다. 이  형태 형성 방법은 괴기하고 부자연스러운 특징을 통해 지표를 드러나게 한다. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- 이번 워크샵은 일주일간 6월 26일부터 7월 2일까지 매일 호주시간 저녁 7시부터 10시 (한국시간 저녁 6시-9시)까지 진행될 예정입니다. 워크샵 언어는 한국어로 진행됩니다.


Lineage of work from RMIT Architecture \ Tectonic Formation Lab

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timezone: (GMT +10:00) Eastern Australia, Guam, Vladivostok
Start timeEnd timeDescription
2022-06-27 - 19:002022-06-27 - 22:00Conceptual/Technical Session
2022-06-28 - 19:002022-06-28 - 22:00Design Development
2022-06-29 - 19:002022-06-29 - 22:00Design Development
2022-06-30 - 19:002022-06-30 - 22:00Design Development//Additive Manufacuturing Lecture
2022-07-01 - 19:002022-07-01 - 22:00Design Development
2022-07-02 - 19:002022-07-02 - 22:00Final Presentation
2022-06-26 - 19:002022-06-26 - 22:00Conceptual/Technical Session


Ho Kyeong ‘Alan’ Kim Ho Kyeong 'Alan' Kim is a PhD candidate at Tectonic Formation Lab, RMIT University. Currently, he is a Casual Teaching Academic at RMIT Architecture. In Melbourne, Sydney and Seoul, he worked at Bates Smart, AR-MA and Mass Studies respectively. He studied Architecture at UTS and RMIT, and prior to that, Industrial Design at Kyunghee University. His research focuses on hyper-detailed and high-resolution fibrous formation with bottom-up procedures in junction with carbon fibre composites through advanced fabrication and robotic 3d printing.

All workshops will accept 100 applications MAX.