Distributed cognition. AI and complex adaptive hybrid processes.

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Required Skills: none

Required Software: none

Required Hardware: none
Maximum number of participating students: 100

The main aim of this workshop is for the participants to gain a general knowledge about the Artificial Intelligence discipline as a whole, being able to understand its main aims, contents and research current interest for society.

This is a theoretical workshop that will be consisting on several introductory lectures to main AI most relevant algorithmic processes.

The following algorithms and topics will be introduced:

  • Linear and Logistic Regression
  • Machine Learning. Unsupervised models.
  • Machine Learning. Artificial Neural Networks, Convolutional Networks, Deep Learning.
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Planning and approximate reasoning.
  • Knowledge-based Learning
  • Distributed Intelligence,
    • Agent Based modelling. Basic concepts, types, languages and communication protocols.
    • Space Syntax approach to Multi-agent design systems

Most topics will be illustrated via applied examples so the applicability of its mathematics can be understood.

Some short task will be developed by students through easy examples which software will be provided to be able to be tested by the students.

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timezone: (GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca
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Ana Cocho-Bermejo Co-Director of Master in Artificial Intelligence, Barcelona TECH, Spain. Senior Lecturer Anglia Ruskin University, UK. Expert in hybrid design processes for architecture and urban design based on Artificial Intelligence. PhD in Technology in Architecture, Barcelona Tech-UPC. MArch Design as Research, AA of London. MRes in Adaptive Architecture and Computation,Bartlett. MPhil in Artificial Intelligence, FIB, Barcelona Tech-UPC

All workshops will accept 100 applications MAX.