Inspiration Decoded “intuition-based generative design”

-computational design | - online workshop | -Arabic


Required Skills: prior knowledge of Rhino / grasshopper

Required Software: Rhino / grasshopper
Maximum number of participating students: 100

A series of lectures will introduce audiences to a range of processes and techniques for a better understanding of the inspiration and its implementation in architectural design. We will explore some of these methodologies in detail through a series of exercises and a design brief. audiences will learn the intuition-based generative design process and develop skills in parametric design software. The emphasis will be on developing a critical understanding of the relationship between inspiration, Parameters, Constraints, and outcomes, and how parametric modelling can decode the inspiration to encourage or constrain design possibilities.

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timezone: (GMT +2:00) Kaliningrad, South Africa
Start timeEnd timeDescription
2022-06-27 - 09:002022-06-27 - 12:00
2022-06-28 - 09:002022-06-28 - 12:01
2022-06-29 - 09:002022-06-29 - 12:00
2022-06-30 - 09:002022-06-30 - 12:00


Passaint Massoud Passaint Massoud is the Head of the Environmental Sustainable Architecture Department - Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering at the British University in Egypt . Passaint is one of the Female Professors in Egypt who introduced digital computing design and tools in undergraduate design studios. Since fall 2013 Passaint started teaching as an adjunct faculty at the American University in Cairo, Cairo University, Université Française d’Egypte, visiting instructor at INSA Strasbourg. On the Professional dimension, Passaint Massoud is the Founder of MKANK outdoor healthy solutions. Passaint is an environmental and Sustainable expert with more than 15 years of experience leading high-level projects on Environmental Performance.

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