Metaverse Exhibition Space Content Design and Construction

- environmental design,-interactive design,-material research,-space architecture,-structural design | - online workshop | -Chinese/English


Required Skills: 三维建模、结构分析、参数化设计、材料研究等

Required Software: Rhino、grasshopper等

Required Hardware: PC
Maximum number of participating students: 100


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timezone: (GMT -12:00) Eniwetok, Kwajalein
Start timeEnd timeDescription
2022-06-26 - 17:052022-07-03 - 17:05


SU Yunsheng Executive Vice-President of Shanghai International Institute of Design andInnovationTongii University;Professor ofPractice and Doctoral Advisor of Shanghai International Schoo ofDesign and InnovationTongjiUniversityExecutive Dean Assistant of College ofDesign and Innovation. Tongji UniversityMember of Communist Party of China PhD in Urban PlanningRegistered planner: Part-time Professor ofUniversityof Damstein Germanye Chief designer of anti-pandemic isolation space products represented by Huo-Yan Air Laboratory featuring membrane structure and negative pressure. innovation director of Master Planner for Shanghai 2010 World Expo.
Hongtao Zhou
Kangyi Zheng
Simin Tao
Mengshi Qiu 2022
Xihan Cheng
Chi Xun

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