Narratives of the Post-Anthropocene

- design fiction | - online workshop | -English


Required Skills: Photoshop, Design

Required Software: Adobe Photoshop

Required Hardware: Any machines that runs the full Adobe Photoshop, not the tablet version
Maximum number of participating students: 100

What does a city of non-humans look like?  What kinds of repurposing occurs, how do the machines see the urban landscape and how will they interface with it?  What does space look like when it is inhabited by entities both with singular and multiplicitous bodies?

This workshop examines the post-human city through the work of Graham Harman, Benjamin Bratton and other similar thinkers.  The workshop investigates the physical logics, informational and energy infrastructure, and systems of enclosure that continue to accommodate the human while expanding the notion of inhabitant to include the machinic phyla.  Participants will borrow representational techniques from concept design to quickly render their propositions and proposals.

This workshop will be a combination of presentations, design critiques, and Photoshop tutorials that culminate in visions of the post-anthropocentric city.

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timezone: (GMT -7:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Start timeEnd timeDescription
2022-06-27 - 08:002022-06-30 - 11:00


Alex Webb Associate Professor of Emergent Technology at the School of Architecture and Planning, University of New Mexico. Phd Canidate of Digital Design, European Graduate School Licensed Architect, State of New Mexico

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