Post-Screen: Screens and Beyond

-AR/VR | - online workshop | -English


Required Skills: Basic Knowledge of 3D-modeling

Required Software: Unity 3D | Autodesk Maya | Rhino 3D | Adobe Photoshop

Required Hardware: A computer capable of running a game-engine (Unity) | USB camera | Two screens or access to a printer
Maximum number of participating students: 100

Post-Screen: Screens and Beyond workshop revisits the notion of cyber-physical/fuzzy architecture through digitalizing the physical and physicalizing the digital. Using native digital/physical interpreters of digital data—augmented reality platforms—Post-Screen investigates a possible medium to establish a workflow between a custom-made AR application and a still-life-like digital image—rendering. Enhanced through the lens of the existing contemporary discourse around representation, students use the suggested workflow to develop a hybrid actual/virtual video that is half digital and half physical. In this workshop, students will be introduced to a series of possible digital and physical mediums and processes, including Game Engines, Developing an AR application, Learning the basics of modeling and animation, and texture mapping. As an outcome of the workshop, students will develop a video, animating their everyday workstation and screen, as an animated still-life that lives beyond the digital screen or the physical setup.

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timezone: (GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
Start timeEnd timeDescription
2022-06-27 - 13:002022-06-27 - 17:00Intro + Lecture | 3D modeling
2022-06-28 - 13:002022-06-28 - 17:00Intro + Lecture | Unity + AR
2022-06-29 - 13:002022-06-29 - 17:00Development | Unity + AR
2022-06-30 - 13:002022-06-30 - 17:00Pin-up | Troubleshooting
2022-07-02 - 13:002022-07-02 - 15:00Final Pin-up | Review


Ebrahim Poustinchi Ebrahim Poustinchi, an award-winning designer, artist, curator, and inventor, is Assistant Professor of Architecture and founder/director of the Robotically Augmented Design (RAD) Lab at Kent State University and the principle of the STUDIO EP. His research is at the intersection of design, worldbuilding, space, media, and robotics, emphasizing an alternative reading of "post-digital" discourse through UI/UX, Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), and physical computation and tangible interfaces. Ebrahim's creative/scholarly work has been disseminated worldwide in various Journals, conference proceedings, galleries, and museums nationally and internationally. In 2021 he served as the guest curator at the A+D Museum in Los Angles. He has previously taught at UCLA and the University of Kentucky.

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